2023 Earth Optimism Webinar | “Virginia Working Landscapes: Connecting with Communities to Inform Research and Conservation” by Dr. Amy Johnson

In this webinar presented by the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, VWL’s Program Director Dr. Amy Johnson provides an overview of VWL research projects with case studies demonstrating how our program is working with community partners to co-develop programs that bridge the gap between science and conservation implementation. Dr. Johnson also highlights breakthrough findings from a social science study conducted by VWL Graduate Research Fellow Rachael Green exploring the human dimensions of conservation. Specifically, this study explored how landowner engagement in VWL research influenced their adoption of conservation behaviors. Before opening the webinar to Q&A discussion, Dr. Johnson shares insightful tips for how you can support biodiversity conservation on your property and in your everyday lives.

Special thanks to the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center for hosting this Earth Optimism Zoom webinar. Click here or visit https://smithsonian.zoom.us/rec/play/Py6ECt9AbSgpqEWM-vLqAfM_3Vt591c7Cskd2-Jj3mxGdQHv6RyxNsTXVsLFmruPLG4-TRXGY2C5TKu5.PV23cTSmrFQ7iV2D to watch the free recording!

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