Emerging Scientist Lecture: Recognizing and Restoring Virginia’s Northern Piedmont Grasslands

Join Virginia Working Landscapes’ Graduate Research Fellow Jordan Coscia as she reveals preliminary findings from her research on recognizing and restoring Virginia’s Northern Piedmont Grasslands. Jordan, a PhD student at Virginia Tech and VWL Graduate Research Fellow, is conducting research on the impacts of grassland establishment and management on native plant communities. In addition, Jordan is building collaborations with partners […]

A New Event to Facilitate Conservation Stewardship  

At Virginia Working Landscapes (VWL), we strongly believe that a tenet of conservation is sharing information and offering opportunities to facilitate connections. Our team is consistently looking for new and improved ways to offer those opportunities to our community. As such, we launched the Virginia Grassland Bird Initiative (VGBI) in collaboration with The Piedmont Environmental Council in 2021 to combine expertise, […]