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Plant Pollinators with Heather Holm

February 17, 2019 03:30 pm - 06:30 pm
Location: Manassas Community Park Center, Adams Street 99, Manassas Park, Virginia
Category: Seminar

Heather Holm, author of several books including Bees: An Identification and Native Plant Forage Guide, gives presentations on a variety of topics including: The Buzz about Native Bees, The Pollination of Native Plants, and Gardening for Native Bees and Butterflies.

Heather had an avid interest in natural history and botany at a young age, and spent much of her childhood exploring the woodlands and prairie on the family property, established by her great great grandfather in the 1850s. She studied horticulture and biology at the University of Guelph and later web programming and digital design at Seneca College in Toronto.

Heather is an award-winning author and nationally sought-after speaker spending much of her time passionately educating audiences about the fascinating world of native bees and the native plants that support them. Her first book, Pollinators of Native Plants, published in 2014, helped establish her as a knowledgeable resource on the subject of the interactions between native bees and native plants. Her latest book,  Bees,  published in 2017, has won five book awards. 

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