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North America has lost 7 billion birds since the 1970s. Grassland birds have suffered the steeped declines, losing over half of their population. Adopting bird-friendly land management practices can be an effective strategy for bringing Virginia’s suite of grassland birds and other native bird communities back. Scroll through this page for guides and references designed to help you promote bird conservation on your property and local landscapes.

VWL Resources

Nest-Box Guide for Virginia’s Cavity-Nesting Birds

This resource that provides detailed specifications and pro-tips for placing nest-boxes on properties.

Raise the Blade

This resource is intended for landowners and producers who clip livestock pastures or bush-hog fields to maintain grassland habitat, and highlights how raising the blades on cutting machinery can help save both at-risk grassland bird species and Box Turtles.

Grass and Shrubland Birds of Virginia

This guide includes tips and a checklist of illustrated bird species that are the current focus of VWL’s conservation efforts. These birds are solely dependent on shrub and grassland ecosystems.

Bringing Back the Butcher Bird: Loggerhead Shrike Recovery Program

This pamphlet highlights the current efforts to understand and reverse the decline of Loggerhead Shrikes in Virginia.

Tips for Winterizing Your Yard for Wildlife

This reference highlights 10 quick tips on how you can help wildlife survive winter in your own backyard.

Field Management Guidelines for Grassland & Shrubland Birds

This guide is intended for landowners who are interested in helping grassland birds and have some flexibility in their management approaches. Even just choosing to implement one of the recommended practices will have a positive impact.

2020 TEDx Talk | “Bringing Back the Birds” by Dr. Amy Johnson

Watch VWL Program Director Dr. Amy Johnson’s TEDx Talk about how Virginia landowners and conservation scientists are working together to help reverse declines and bring birds back.

Resources from Other Organizations and Agencies

Audubon At Home: Creating Wildlife Habitat

Bargain Basement Bobwhites

Managing Land in the Piedmont of Virginia for the Benefit of Birds & Other Wildlife

Managing Working Lands for Northern Bobwhite


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