Grassland Birds

Grassland & Shrubland Birds

VWL’s target species are those that rely on open shrub and grassland habitat for survival. Changes in agricultural land-use patterns over the last 50 years, such as the deteriorating quality of native grasslands, agricultural intensification, increased pesticide use, and habitat fragmentation have reduced the amount of preferred available habitat. VWL bird surveys are monitoring where these target species occur in the region to identify how land management practices impact the habitats being used by these species.

Virginia Working Landscapes has been conducting grassland bird surveys across a 15 county region since 2011. During this time, we have observed several important shrub and grassland dependent species at our survey properties, many of which are experiencing population declines. The interactive map below exhibits where our surveys are picking up these birds that we identify as VWL “target” species.

Click on the image or the button below to view our interactive map and learn more about our surveys and the target bird species!

 VWL Target Shrub & Grassland Bird Storymap

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