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Virginia Working Landscapes hosts a competitive internship program. Check back throughout the year as we post new opportunities regularly. There are no internship openings at this time.

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There are no job openings at this time.


Other Opportunities from Our Partners

National Zoological Park / Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute
Conservation Ecology Center
NEON Point Count Surveys for Birds 2019

Statement of Work
The Contractor must perform landbird identification and sampling during the breeding season at
36 NEON stations, with 24 stations located at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute
SCBI) and 12 sites located at Casey Tree Nursery (Clarke County, VA, hereafter called CT) , via
point counts that include distance estimates for detected birds

Specific Tasks
Bird sampling will be stratified such that grid positions achieve representative coverage of major
vegetation types at each site. Point count stations will be distributed randomly throughout SCBI
and CT. All point locations will be provided by SCBI, and contractor must use handheld GPS units
with a minimum of recreational accuracy to navigate to these specified locations.
NEON points (n=36) will be counted two times per breeding season. Points shall be sampled with
a minimum of 1 day between sampling bouts and spread over a period of no longer than 21 days.
Sampling shall occur only in the early morning, during the appropriate times as determined by the
Contractor, but should begin no earlier than civil dawn and end no later than 5 hours after civil
SCBI will provide protocols and datasheets and, as needed, training information and materials. For
the SCBI site, the contractor will be driven onsite by a SCBI intern. For CT sites the contractor
may provide their own transportation to CT and then again be guided by staff. Dataforms will
be provided and data must be delivered to SCBI in the form of scanned data sheets.
COTR is William McShea and all contractor questions will be directed to him, or his designate.

The Contractor is required to:
1. Pass an exam of identifying bird species in the region based on audio recordings.
2. Deliver to SCBI all raw data generated by the surveys.
3. Be familiar with, and implement, applicable protocols for bird surveys and data reporting.
4. Use provided datasheets and data format, with the most up
todate version provided before
sampling begins.
5. Promptly deliver results and other information to SCBI based on the defined schedule.
Provide feedback to data entry staff if questions arise on coding or data.

SCBI will provide NEON protocols and datasheets and, as needed, training information and
materials. SCBI will provide sampling locations, and transportation to remote sites when

Performance Standards
Cold checks of field data collection by SCBI staff.
The contractor will be quizzed on bird identification prior to initiating surveys, with the
expectation that the contractor will successfully identify more than 90% of the tested
species. Please note that NEON may publish these scores, but will only publish
anonymized IDs for the observers, rather than names.
The contractor must provide a scanned copy of a datasheet from a point count to SCBI
within 4 days after the first week of sampling.
The transcribed data shall be further checked by SCBI for errors in usage of species codes
by comparison to a master spreadsheet of species codes.
Data entry will be performed by an SCBI intern, not the contractor.

Period of Performance
The period of performance must be for May 15 through June 30, 2019 activities. All work must be
scheduled to complete within the agreed upon timeframe. Any modifications or extensions will be
requested through SCBI for review and discussion.

Contact Bill McShea at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information and to apply. 



Blue Ridge PRISM Part-time Administrative Assistant Job Description

JOB TITLE: Administrative Assistant, Blue Ridge PRISM

WORK LOCATION: Remote (no office provided); Some travel, mostly within the Charlottesville area, may be necessary at times

HOURS: Approximately 10 hours per week

BENEFITS: As a part-time, hourly employee, this position will not receive benefits or paid time off The Blue Ridge PRISM (Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management) is a collaboration of federal/state/local government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and landowners working together to control invasive, non-native plants over a nearly 3 million acre area of public and private lands in Central Virginia in order to restore and protect native habitat and landscapes.

JOB DESCRIPTION The Administrative Assistant will provide administrative support to the PRISM Program Director through a variety of tasks related to maintaining the organization’s information and communication with partners, governmental agencies and landowners. Examples of duties include: • Manage logistics for presentations at educational events and workshops; including communicating, coordinating, and confirming all logistics with partners and volunteers to ensure that events run smoothly • Manage inventory of educational materials including organizing materials at the Shenandoah National Park Trust office and occasionally distributing materials within the Charlottesville area • Work with partners and local media to publicize PRISM’s educational events • Maintain information on PRISM website and Facebook page • Occasional data entry into MailChimp and event-related record keeping • Other tasks as determined by Program Director.

SKILLS REQUIRED: • Interest in learning about invasive plants and maintaining Virginia’s natural heritage • Strong ability to communicate effectively, multitask, and prioritize tasks • Proven administrative and organizational skills • Computer skills, including Word and Excel. Ideal candidate will have experience with Wordpress, MailChimp, and social media management • Collaborative personality and effective communication skills • Ideal candidate will have strong writing skills

Please send cover letter and resume to Ashton Stinson, Blue Ridge PRISM’s Program Director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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